B Seated  

Great for those interested in an assisted yoga, using chairs,  props and modifications.  

Let go of tension both mentally and physically through this slow stretch class.  B Seated is a 60-minute class where we will work with breath awareness, preliminary yoga poses and movements that will help to bring resiliency and balance to the body. This class covers similar poses each week so that students can learn them well enough to take certain aspects of the practice home with them. This class incorporates gentle movements that can be done from home to open the body and soften the joints. Come to move your body, learn and to share with community

Soften, move gently and open.

B Fundamental

Explore the fundamentals and discover a new level of stability and strength in your yoga practice.

Perfect for those new to yoga or those looking to further explore the fundamentals.  This 60-minute class works at a slow yet active pace. Props and modifications are offered to bring greater accessibility to the poses. Time is spent explaining alignment and the technical aspect of the poses as we explore and discover our own optimal expression.  

At B Yoga, we believe that foundations are built on understanding and integrity.  From a strong foundation we can expand as well as deepen our practice.  

Growth over time.


b Awake  

Awaken the experience of the mind/body connection!!

Empower your practice, intentionally connect body and breath as we explore a variety of modalities allowing us to experience diversity and variety in our practice. 

This 60-minute class may include, offer and blend elements of somatic movement, body awareness, Hatha yoga and vinyassa flow yoga. Many options for modifications will be provided, making it great for available for all levels.  We will work with foundation, core and preliminary poses as we explore the expression and alignment of various poses.

B Power  

Find flow and balance in the mind and body.

This challenging 60-minute class focuses on breath and body connection through vinyasa flow.  Emphasis is placed on finding movements that encompasses both power and grace. This class has a quicker pace and less technical cuing, therefore it is beneficial for students to have a fundamental understanding of the preliminary poses. Poses are transitioned trough specific sequences that are designed to open and close the body, to contract and expand in unison with the breath.

Begin moving from the experience within, into the vastness of effortless effort.


B Slow

Slow Flow is a 60-minute, slower-paced flow class to stretch and relax the body and calm the mind. This class includes postures, breath, mindfulness, and relaxation techniques to strengthen the mind-body connection. Time and attention will be given to find alignment and modifications will be offered to help make the practice available for most everyone.

Slow down and tune in.

B Aware

Feel into, experience and discover body awareness. Refine your practice, intentionally connect and explore into a variety of yoga and somatic modalities to increase muscle memory and body awareness. 

In this 60-minute class includes we will explore the expression and alignment of various poses and body movements. Static and dynamic actions are incorporated as we stabilize, strengthen and create space in the body.


B Gentle

This gentle yoga class is for beginner and seasoned yogis who want to practice with mindfulness and alignment. You will use props to explore and create space in the body and bring awareness to breath and movement. These classes will be a combination of gentle, yin, and restorative yoga. 

B Still - Meditation

Monday nights practice will be a silent mediation practice. The practice is divided into two, 25 minute, sections with a brief break between sits. Props and cushions are available at the studio. This class is donation based.